10 Best Countries To Study Abroad

Study Abroad can be an incredible way of building up social, academic and language skills while adding an incredible dimension to your college experience. Studying abroad not only enriches college years but can give an advantage when searching for employment as selection officers seek individuals who actively sought ways to increase their experience. If you are considering finishing all or some of your college studies abroad then check out this list of the best countries where to study.


Heartfelt Paris consistently ranks as one of the premier urban communities for students. While its vibrant night life, thriving social scene, and long walks along the left bank of the Seine are certainly major draws, its nearly nonexistent educational costs also help make Paris attractive to students. While most undergraduate instruction takes place in French, graduate courses may often be offered in English if desired; or why not make a move toward improving your French with one of several available language courses that focus on this ‘language of love’?


US universitaries provide an extraordinary selection of higher education institutions ranging from highly esteemed elite level institutions to centers of development and cutting-edge thought; any study here will add valuable opportunities to your background. Nearly 750,000 global students enroll each year at US colleges; Boston and San Fransisco remain top student cities even though the costs associated with charges can be prohibitively expensive for some; should you find yourself drawn elsewhere, changing between colleges in the US is entirely acceptable and should become part of your plan of study if desired.


Germany, one of Europe’s financial powerhouses, boasts more attractions than Oktoberfest for visitors to enjoy. Notably, Germany stands out among European countries for offering virtually free college education expenses, which explains why outside of anglophone countries (the UK, US and Australia), it boasts the highest number of global students. Head over to Munich or Berlin if you want to go to an internationally recognized college without incurring extra costs; or explore their bustling tech centers while immersing yourself in their unique interpretation of hipster culture!


Toronto recently earned top honors as Canada’s best city for students, along with three other Canadian cities that comprised three of the 15 most appealing urban communities overall in Canada. Such allure makes it no surprise that 6.5% of postsecondary training students in Canada come from outside, thanks to its vibrant culture, stunning indigenous habitat, vast territorial variations, and top ranked colleges that can offer plenty of experiences to visiting students.


Taiwan was recently recognized as an affordable city for students around the globe. Education expenses are low while quality instruction makes this destination stand out as an amazing value proposition. Explore local history and legislative issues before discovering life in another culture where old meets new in an exciting dynamic.


Students residing in Argentina enjoy free college education costs, with international students required to pay only nominal enrolment charges outside of private foundations. One outstanding school, The University of Belgrano stands out as an exceptional office just outside downtown Buenos Aires that boasts fantastic global connections. Take the opportunity to perfect your Spanish language skills or perhaps learn tango dancing during your stay in Argentina.


Australia is one of the world’s most beloved student destinations – no surprise with sandy sea shores, year-round sunshine, casual outdoor life and casual colleges that welcome international students with open arms. Australian universities welcome international students with open arms; Australian colleges are fully prepared to assist newcomers despite its relatively small population; over one hundred organizations make the top hundred college academic rankings, making Australia an ideal spot for sun, sand and academic success!

South Korea

Who didn’t love Gangnam style? Experience K-Pop by studying in Seoul – whether you enjoy pop songs or not! Plus, its capital boasts 14 internationally accredited colleges for you to explore beyond your familiar surroundings while building both academic records and CVs simultaneously!

Joined Kingdom

United Kingdom The UK offers an abundance of excellent colleges, with varied tuition costs across organizations ranging from affordable to expensive; searching out grant possibilities is definitely worthwhile for students as flexible ways are often available to fit with university plans. Students frequently work part time while attending school; flexible opportunities exist that can fit with student plans more readily than expected. With its diversity of societies and regions spanning metropolitan life to rural retreat, students in Britain never tire easily!


If you hail from either the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, Denmark could offer free university educational costs for you and/or your dependents. Furthermore, PhD studies can even come fully-funded with no tuition fee due to Denmark’s generous funding policy for such advanced level study. Although Denmark’s cost of living can be high at times, its unique Nordic culture makes for an engaging experience worth experiencing!

Studying abroad is more than academic skills; it entails showing passion, organization and ambition in organizing an experience abroad. No matter if it be full time or just for part of your program or semester(s), study abroad offers you invaluable experiences which will give you an edge when searching for graduate positions. Experience life from another culture; it will open your worldview! You won’t regret making the move to study and travel together! You won’t regret it!