MBA In Oxford – All Details

MBA In Oxford From One of the Most Desired Study Abroad Destinations Oxford University has long been known for excellence in teaching and education. Their esteemed Oxford MBA Program provides rigorous academic training combined with hands-on experience that creates a solid grounding in core business standards while exploring business’ role within society – equipping students with both skills and knowledge necessary for a fruitful career! This blog will cover everything you need to know to pursue an Oxford MBA ranging from application process, scholarships available and much more!

Degree typeMasters
Duration1 year; full-time
Fees (1 year)$1 Lakh
English proficiency IELTS, TOEFL
Affiliated with Said Business School

About MBA In Oxford

Established in 1096 and located in Oxford, England, The University of Oxford stands out as the oldest and perhaps the most renowned college. Their one-year, highest level MBA course helps students deal with global issues that affect everyone; such as handling complex relationships.

  • intensive series of invigorating talks
  • energetic seminars
  • small groups work

Your partnership with Oxford MBA will bring together people from diverse non-business backgrounds and allow you to become part of an exciting intellectual community.

Oxford 1+1 MBA

In addition to offering the traditional one-year MBA program, Oxford University also provides the Oxford 1+1 MBA – an innovative long term graduate degree combining one year of graduate coursework with one year of MBA study – for long term graduates who wish to expand their horizons further.

Through its 1+1 program, Said Business School is joining forces with 16 other University offices to integrate specialized courses to an MBA curriculum. Graduates of this course will benefit from expanding two reciprocal networks of graduated class through Oxford’s university experience; you’ll also be noted by your supervisors as possessing exceptional subject expertise coupled with advanced presentational abilities.

Competitors accepted into the 2021-23 MBA 1+1 program will take their Lord’s Course during 2021-22 and their MBA during 2022-23 scholastic years.

Documents Required

Here is the document list needed for an MBA at Oxford:

Full university transcripts.

Provide an up-to-date resume highlighting relevant professional experience.

GMAT/GRE score report. English Proficiency test (if needed).

Two professional/academic references

Supporting statement: Provide the Admissions Committee with additional details that were left out in your application that may help them understand more about you (maximum 250 words).

Online Assessment: For an assessment to take place successfully, five questions must be completed through an online platform that include two motivation- and competency-related inquiries.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility measures:

Candidates for admissions exams are expected to possess a college degree. Your imprint sheets should list the subjects or grades earned during every academic year studied or examined.

Your CV should demonstrate at least two years of relevant daily employment experience and an authoritative translation, should the original records not be written in English.

GMAT scores above 650 are generally considered highly competitive; currently their class average GMAT score stands at 690.

GRE verbal scores of 160 and 160 for quantitative scores are often considered acceptable; however, all scores are accepted.

TOEFL Minimum Score (110); IELTS Minimum Score (7.5) Cambridge Certificate C1 Advanced Min Score (191)

Cambridge Certificate (C2 Proficiency) Minimum score required: 191