15 People With Unique Genetic Traits That Are Hard To Forget

Unique Genetic Traits No one needs to tell you that the world is an extremely diverse place; people come in all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, religions and interests – some love pandas while others can’t stand them; some enjoy reading while others dislike books; some enjoy sports while others do not; however within all this diversity are also many subcategories of people based on genetics; an old saying goes “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, but this might not apply here.

But there is plenty of evidence supporting both of these ideas about our reactions when meeting new people for the first time. When meeting someone with distinct physical features for the first time, almost universally they respond either positively or negatively depending on certain character traits like eye color or height – as we make snap judgments based on appearance from day one – even if those looks may not necessarily be visible at first glance.

1. The Deep Bluest Eyes In The World

The Deep Bluest Eyes In The World
The Deep Bluest Eyes In The World

Jalicia Nightingale hails from Barbados and boasts one of the most striking faces in the world with her dark skin tone and striking blue eyes, producing one of its most gorgeous features. Formerly bullied about her appearance, today Jalicia accepts it and loves herself; even making an incredible living off of it!