Top 9 Things About Semen Retention

Semen Retention refers to the practice of keeping oneself free from ejaculating. You can achieve this goal either through giving up all sexual activity altogether, or learning how to achieve sexual climax without ejaculating.

Though it might sound like some weird new trend, meditation is an ancient technique used by humans for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. People use this practice for various reasons ranging from physical to psychological to spiritual wellbeing.

Always remain analytical as our team explores some of the potential advantages of semen retention, its implementation process, and whether its investigation supports its ideas.

Top 9 Things About Semen Retention

1. Where Did This Idea Originate?

Semen recognition may seem like a modern notion, but websites and forums make discussing such matters straightforwardly easier than ever before.

Realistically, it’s an age-old concept which forms part of many ancient strategies.

People’s interest in semen recognition stems from various causes, including the perception that frequent ejaculation compromises your sexual health.

Some studies demonstrate how semen retention can boost productivity, pleasure-related sex activity or physical wellbeing.

Many consider semen retention an effective means of redirecting sexual energy towards other aspects of lifestyle or improving emotional wellness and metaphysical growth. For others, semen retention represents the pinnacle of self-control.

2. NoFap Against Sperm Retention.

“Seminal fluid retention” can refer to either restricting sexual activities and masturbatory stimulation or abstaining entirely from sexual and masturbatory stimulation.

NoFap is an institution dedicated to aiding people in viewing significantly less porn or discontinuing viewing altogether.

Some individuals now associate “sexual health” with not masturbating. There are internet communities which suggest this practice could aid with various physical ailments; however, no definitive evidence to back this claim up exists.

3. Understanding How Seminal Fluid Retention Impacts Testosterone Levels

There have been reports that suggest sperm retention, including complete sexual abstaining, can help increase testosterone levels.

One study demonstrated that men’s serum testosterone levels returned to 146% of their initial levels after seven days of abstinence.

One study revealed increased testosterone levels after just three weeks sobriety; yet both Carrubba and Giuseppe Aragona, a family medicine physician at Prescription Physician are dubious that semen recognition can have any tangible impact on testosterone levels:

Carrubba notes, however, that such small studies tend to raise doubt about their validity and suggest potential solutions to help boost testosterone levels – with no definitive evidence supporting that hypothesis or disproving it altogether. “[Evidence is] limited but suggests it could potentially improve test levels while there’s nothing asserting otherwise.]”

If it interests and seems useful, simply ensure you practice risk-free sex.

4. Spiritual Foundation For Sperm Retention

Sperm retention may help with full-body sexual climaxes in tantric sex, according to partnership trainer Stephen James Burford.

“Using breathing, audio and motion techniques, climaxes can be spread throughout your body,” notes He. Some believe that climaxing releases feelings, while some consider not doing so can make people more in touch with themselves and more emotionally intimate with them.

“Ejaculation releases life energy,” Nantz states. “By delaying climaxing, your vital life energy can then flow back through your physical body and reenergized you.”

5. Risks And Effects Associated With Seminal Fluid Retention

Sperm retention doesn’t pose any clear dangers, according to Aragona. But if it occurs without being actively sought out by you, it could indicate various health and wellness issues including stress, an enlarged prostate gland, diabetic complications and hypertension.

Alternatively, if it is occurring without conscious intent on your part, consulting with a physician is advised. Doing so will allow him/her to rule out any actual clinical issues as well as potential impediments to conception if non-climaxing could prevent that process from proceeding smoothly.

Some individuals use seminal fluid retention as an effective form of contraception or STI protection; however, sexual health experts advise against it as this method can be difficult to manage and can lead to pregnancy and STIs; Aragona cautions. Ejaculation can be hard to manage while pre-ejaculate may still result in pregnancy and STIs if pre-ejaculate is released prematurely, she points out.

“It would be unwise to engage in sexual activity without additional forms of birth control, as it’s impossible to predict for certain whether a man will experience an orgasm without visible seminal fluid,” according to him.

6. Should I Participate In Sperm Recognition?

Professionals differ on whether sperm retention is worth the effort. “I believe it would be unwise for most men to set themselves an efficiency objective like this,” states sexual activity specialist and sexual medication specialist Stephen Snyder, M.D.

“They often become preoccupied with technical details, neglecting to build meaningful relationships with their partner.”

However, some individuals advocate the practice. The key is not taking it too seriously: “To effectively climax without orgasmic output it is key to approach with curiosity and patience – this process of discovery should take some time so don’t rush!” according to Nantz. Enjoy yourself while trying!

7. Investigating And Researching Seminal Fluid Retention

Studies on how complete abstinence from sexual activity impacts our bodies have drawn close.

At present, there doesn’t appear to be any study investigating dry orgasms; however, existing research indicates that short durations without ejaculation may improve semen motility, while refraining from gender for two hours before an athletic competition could improve athletes’ performance.

8. Create The Following Climaxes In Your Story

McDevitt notes that in certain instances a dry sexual climax will take place naturally if an individual has recently experienced multiple orgasms, leaving their bodies without enough time to create additional seminal fluid.

One way to increase your chances of orgasming without ejaculation is to try after you have already ejaculated and seek sexual climaxes until your semen runs out, according to McDevitt.

9. Concentrate On Controlling Your Ejaculatory Action

McDevitt suggests another more engaging method to achieve sexual climax without experiencing an orgasm is training yourself to control your ejaculation response. This can involve working with a sexual activity specialist or trainer, fine-tuning pelvic flooring via Kegel exercises and training conscious recognition techniques, among other techniques.


According to Nantz, you can more effectively regulate your ejaculatory response by understanding your PC muscles.

One way of doing so is through exercise: stopping and starting the circulation of pee when peeing, then pressing those muscles when you sense an imminent climax coming on to prevent it.