The 7 Top Universities To Study Law in Germany

Study Law in Germany boasts some of Europe’s premier law schools with an outstanding history of academic excellence and strong international recognition. Germany boasts one of the most sophisticated legal systems worldwide and studying at a top university there can open doors of opportunity.

From traditional law schools to modern legal research centers, this article will cover Germany’s top seven universities for studying law. Here you’ll learn about their courses and specializations as well as any potential benefits or drawbacks of each university – ideal if you want to become a practicing attorney or simply gain deeper insight into its legal system!

Top Universities To Study Law In Germany

1. University Of Munich

University of Munich
University of Munich

Established in 1868, the University of Munich (LMU) is one of Germany’s oldest and prestigious universities. Comprising over 40 research institutes and serving as Germany’s foremost institution for studying criminology and criminal law studies, undergraduate and graduate students alike may specialize in one of these areas during their time there.

LMU provides a six-semester Master of Laws (LL.M) program in English designed to prepare students for careers as legal professionals. LMU’s law program features an international focus and is consistently recognized among Germany’s best programs; LMU also maintains strong partnerships with law schools worldwide.

LMU also facilitates student exchange programs and study abroad opportunities, offering English courses as well as joint degree programs with top US and UK universities. Furthermore, its law school boasts an active student life that hosts regular events and conferences. LMU’s central location makes it easily accessible from other European cities by train.

2. Humboldt University Of Berlin

 Humboldt University of Berlin
Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin (HU Berlin), established in 1810, is one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in Germany. Renowned for excellence in research and teaching, this international university boasts 26 Nobel Prize winners as its alumni – regularly ranking among Europe’s Top Ten universities with one of Germany’s premier legal studies programs (HU Berlin’s Law program is among them!).

Students pursuing law at HU Berlin have the option to specialize in private law, public law or international law and also pursue an advanced doctoral level course of study. All teaching at the university takes place in English for maximum international participation. With strong ties with top law schools worldwide and numerous exchange and joint degree programs available worldwide HU Berlin stands as an international university in Germany.

Over 40% of HU Berlin students are international. The law program at HU Berlin places strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and has strong connections to leading law firms across Germany. Students are encouraged to gain practical experience through hands-on learning opportunities provided at the school itself and its strong ties with law firms in Berlin.

3. Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt
Goethe University Frankfurt

Established in 1914, Goethe University Frankfurt (U Frankfurt) is one of two major universities in Frankfurt and one of Germany’s 10 largest. Boasting an international focus and one of Germany’s largest international student bodies, U Frankfurt provides courses taught entirely in English as well as exchange programs and joint degree programs with leading institutions worldwide.

U Frankfurt offers its Law program in English and draws students from around the globe. It features a flexible combination of courses in both humanities and social sciences disciplines. In addition, this law program boasts an exceptional research focus, with courses covering European Law, International Law and Information Law among others.

U Frankfurt Law School boasts strong relationships with some of Germany’s premier law firms and consistently ranks among Germany’s best law schools. U Frankfurt also stands out as an internationally minded university with an active student life; the campus can easily be reached using public transport.

4. Freie University Of Berlin

 Free University of Berlin
Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin) is one of two major universities located in Berlin and the oldest free university in Germany. With an emphasis on research, FU Berlin stands as the leading research institution. Alongside undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered through its law program at FU Berlin is also its doctoral programme which attracts students from around the globe. Courses at this renowned institution are conducted entirely in English to accommodate international student population.

FU Berlin enjoys close relationships with top law schools worldwide and offers various exchange programs and joint degree programs. Their Law program is one of Germany’s most selective, with an emphasis on research. Students studying this track graduate as legal professionals with research skills. Furthermore, this international university boasts an active student life that makes campus visits convenient via public transport.

5. University Of Heidelberg

 University of Heidelberg
University of Heidelberg

Established in 1386, Heidelberg’s (Uni Heidelberg) ranks among Germany’s oldest and most renowned universities. Boasting strong international ties and leading research in natural science as well as social sciences disciplines, Heidelberg stands as a beacon of learning across Germany and around the globe.

Uni Heidelberg’s Law Program is delivered entirely in English and draws in students from around the globe. Course offerings span both humanities and social sciences courses, and may even include economics or political science modules. With its strong research focus, Uni Heidelberg prepares its students for careers as either legal researchers or practitioners.

The university boasts strong ties to Germany’s premier law firms and consistently ranks among Germany’s premier schools of law. Heidelberg itself offers a vibrant student life experience; additionally it features one of Germany’s most scenic cities as its location.

6. University Of Bonn

 University of Bonn
University of Bonn

Established in 1819, the University of Bonn (Uni Bonn) has long been one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Germany. Consistently ranking among Europe’s top 10 universities, Uni Bonn’s law program attracts students from around the globe – as does its curriculum featuring courses from both humanities and social sciences disciplines as well as economics or political science topics.

Uni Bonn offers an intensive legal program with a strong research orientation, equipping students for careers as researchers or legal professionals. Their Law School boasts close links to leading law firms in Germany and regularly ranks among Germany’s best law schools. Furthermore, this university is widely recognized as being among Germany’s most international institutions – being located conveniently close to public transport routes for easy accessibility of campus location within Bonn city itself.

7. University Of Freiburg

University of Freiburg
University of Freiburg : Image Credit

The University of Freiburg stands as one of Germany’s top 10 law universities, located in Freiburg im Breisgau and renowned for its world-class faculty and commitment to quality education. Additionally, it’s known for its groundbreaking legal theory research and practice instruction as well as innovation and modernization initiatives.

University of Freiburg boasts an excellent legal education experience with undergraduate to postgraduate degree programs spanning a broad spectrum of legal fields, taught by experienced legal professionals who also serve as teachers at this renowned institution. Furthermore, exchange programs allow students to gain practical experience within their chosen field – further cementing its long history and reputation. With all this on offer at one place, University of Freiburg makes an ideal place to study law!

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