Your Essential Guide On Buying Car Insurance

Car Insurance Did you know that car insurance costs can be an intimidating barrier when purchasing a new car? Although mandatory car insurance coverage in many states makes obtaining coverage mandatory, this doesn’t make the expense any easier to bear.

Car insurance rates have steadily been rising over time, according to various research reports. Annual premiums have seen an average 20% hike, meaning if you buy a new car today expect it to cost about $1,000 just in insuring (assuming no other changes). But there are ways you can lower costs and find affordable auto insurance quotes.

Know The Different Types Of Car Insurance

Liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance are two primary forms of car coverage in the U.S. These two forms cover any damage or injuries you might cause through either you or your car, with liability being mandatory in every state and covering costs if they arise due to you being at fault. Comprehensive insurance can cover the cost of repairs caused by hailstorms, floods, or falling objects.

For vehicles such as sports cars, vintage cars or collector cars that may need special policies such as this. Add-ons and extensions available through basic car insurance policies include roadside assistance, rental car, and towing services in case of breakdown – each can increase the costs significantly.

Research The Market

Before purchasing a new car and looking for auto insurance quotes, it’s essential that you research the current car market in your area to understand how much various policies cost. There are various car insurance websites you can use to gather quotes from multiple providers, or from your current insurer to see if they have any special discounts or offers available.

Always compare policies until you find one at an acceptable price. One advantage of buying car insurance online is being able to quickly compare quotes from multiple providers at once and review the different coverage included with each policy before making your final choice.

Get A Good Road Safety Rating

Young drivers may find the cost of car insurance to be higher than other drivers, however by maintaining a good road safety rating you can help lower these expenses and keep costs to a minimum. Insurance companies take several factors into consideration when calculating your road safety rating, including the length of time you have been driving, your driving record, and type of car you drive.

An improved road safety rating can significantly lower the cost of car insurance premiums and qualify you for discounts from many providers. Some may even take into account how long it has been since you filed any claims; after over 10 years without making a claim on your record you may qualify for additional savings on your policy.

Combine Different Policies

If you have homeowners or renter’s insurance policies with one provider, combining both policies may allow for discounts on car insurance policies as well. Most insurance providers will offer you a discount of between 10-20 percent when you combine multiple policies with them, such as homeowner’s and car.

State Farm may even give an extra discount if both policies are combined into one plan. Wrapped policies provide additional coverage. While the premium may be higher than with standard car policies, you can cancel them more easily once your loan payment has been made in full.

Choose An Affordable Package

Those who have been with one insurance provider for an extended period may be eligible for discounts by switching to an “existing customer” package, as many insurance providers provide special deals to existing customers.

You could also try bundling your car insurance policy with others like home and life coverage from that same provider; that way, multiple policies with them might qualify for discounted premiums; you could even call them and inquire as to any special offers or discounts they might have available!


Owning a new car can be both thrilling and costly. On average, insuring it costs about $1000 annually; but there are ways you can lower this expense and get affordable auto insurance quotes. Research the current car insurance market to identify what policies cost in your area; compare quotes from multiple providers until you find a policy at a price suitable to you; get road safety ratings or combine multiple policies into an affordable package to reduce the overall cost.