Top MBA Colleges In USA

MBA Colleges In USA Since 1904, Harvard Business School in the US has been home to one of the premier MBA programs of this century, starting the inaugural MBA program of its century at Harvard Business School. From then onwards, America has remained the prime location for pursuing MBA studies – and Stanford Business School, Wharton School, MIT Sloan and Columbia Business Schools have emerged as top destinations with low acceptance rates that attract many candidates each year. If you are searching for new opportunities and dreams in life then keep reading as we cover all top US MBA colleges along with how you can apply!

Best Universities and QS Rankings for a MBA in the USA

Here are the US news 2022 rankings for MBA colleges in the USA:

1 Stanford University
2 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
3 University of Chicago (Booth)
4 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
5 Harvard University
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
7 Columbia University
8 University of California – Berkeley
9 Yale University
10 Dartmouth College (Tuck)

Let us know about some of the best colleges for MBA in the US.

Stanford Graduate School Of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the most competitive MBA colleges in USA, accepting only 6% candidates annually from thousands of candidates applying. Renowned for producing leaders of tomorrow, top students come to Stanford GSB seeking impactful change; student culture will push you in ways you wouldn’t do all alone; Stanford’s culture of collaborative effort creates an unrivaled learning, leading and growing environment unique among schools – with notable figures like Mukesh Ambani and John F. Kennedy having alumni connections here.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience4.6 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.7
GMAT Score Average734
Percentage of International Students43%

Wharton Business School

Wharton Business School, part of the University of Pennsylvania, is one of the toughest business schools on earth, known for their quality schooling and rigorous MBA programs. Wharton students learn to deal with challenging circumstances while developing critical business and initiative skills which can further their careers – the school boasts one of the biggest graduate class networks ever with figures like Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai and Warren Buffet among their alumni! They regularly rank among the top MBAs for Full Time Job Offers and 20-Year Income, quickly growing into over 100,000 Alumni who continuously provide networking, coaching, learning.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.6
GMAT Score Average730
Percentage of International Students33

MIT Sloan School Of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management is an elite MBA school and one of the premier MBA Colleges in USA, known for fostering innovation, business and creativity. At MIT Sloan, their focus lies on innovation, business and creativity while offering ordinary MBA, chief MBA for future leaders as well as Master of Business Analytics and Finance courses to prepare them for evolving enterprises. At MIT Sloan they put emphasis on cultivating skills and characteristics which will serve them now and later on during progression of upcoming businesses.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.6
GMAT Score Average727
Percentage of International Students41%

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School stands as one of the premiere MBA colleges in the USA. Boasting an incredible graduate class network, low acknowledgment rate, quality MBA programs, leader programs and doctoral certificates in administration – study at this business school can only be considered an accomplishment! Their unique environment offers students worldwide climates with incredible offices and networking possibilities in every field – Ratan Tata, Sheryl Sandberg and George W. Bramble all belong to its graduate network!

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience55 Months
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.71
Student Age27
Percentage of International Students35
Average GMAT score730

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School stands as one of the finest MBA colleges in USA and New York is its capital city! Attracting some of the brightest minds from around the globe and keeping pace with a rigourous academic program. Columbia is a pioneering teaching institution and boasts a community filled with diverse thinkers and pioneers with innovative approaches; among its graduate class members are Vikram Pandit, Henry Kravis and James P. Gorman – to name only three!

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.6
GMAT Score Average726
Student Age28
Percentage of International Students44%

Haas School Of Business, UC Berkeley

The Haas School of Business ranks among the premier MBA colleges in USA. Affiliated with Berkeley in California and boasting a 24% recognition rate, it stands as one of two oldest business schools with 24% recognition rates. Recognized for providing quality instruction that illuminates certain business decisions, Haas provides full-time, executive, and end of week MBAs for graduates as well as working professionals.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage3.64
GMAT Score Average717
Student Age28 years
Percentage of International Students38%